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Love our baby!

The Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Community

Lea and Cory Shippers
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Welcome to Love our baby!
What's loveourbaby?

It's a new community for those who are fans of the relationship between Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.


1. LJ-cut. All fanfiction must be under a cut no matter how short.
All images over 300x300 also must be under a cut. Don't know how to do a LJ-cut? Go here to learn how! Still confused, contact a mod for help!

2. Please keep all post on topic. Lea/Cory, Finn/Rachel, Cory-specific and Lea-specific posts will be accepted.

3. Please Included. This with all fanfiction posts.

4. Tags. Please remember to tag your post accordingly.

5. Icons. No more than three icons above the cut.

6. Advertising. Please contact a mod before posting.

7. Rate properly. Do rate properly. Works that are NC-17 or rated R may bother some people.

8. Don't spam. Spam will not be tolerated!

9. Be Respectful. Be nice. Personal attacks against another member will not be allowed.

10. No bashing. You are allowed to criticize, but not bash the actors and their characters.

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